Peter (xoder) wrote,

Menace to eggplants

This is Erin, menacing the eggplants. Can you feel their fear?

Yesterday, I screwed up my alarm, so I missed practice. I also missed helping J. & I. move. We did get to chill with Alex and Kitri, though. But the whole time I had a headache and I was tired. I thought it might be dehydration, but water didn't help. Maybe it was caffein? In the end, I went to bed at 915 and likely fell asleep before 10. Which is handy if you're going to wake up before 6 to go to work the next day.

I also have a draft entry, written while I wasn't feeling very good detailing why and how I suck. I think I'll delete it and stop writing when I feel unwell, as the result is never good, and I never actually post it.

Tags: complaining, phone post, photos
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