Peter (xoder) wrote,

Ma Bell?

The 2600 van made it to HOPE, as usual. Emmanuel Goldstein, the Editor of the magazine calls it one of the greatest social engineering tools ever made. For instance, even though its color scheme is decades out of date, it is still able to go to and through restricted areas, including phone company facilities. Linemen wave to the van as it passes. Mostly, however, it is used to help the editor's friends move.

HOPE was a very good time. Much better than it was for me last time, largely thanks to Tom who was in town visiting. By now, if you follow such things, you'll know that 'The Last HOPE' is not the last HOPE, and there will be 'The Next HOPE' in 2010. For a while, I fell for it, but as the weekend progressed, I became more and more convinced that the con was simply going to take place somewhere else, hopefully somewhere bigger because the place was packed. But apparently that is not the case. So who wants to go w/ me in 2010?

I'm wicked sleepy now, but I hope to catch up eventually

Tags: gathering, geekery, phone post, photos
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