Peter (xoder) wrote,

Total internal reflection

Well, actually, I don't think it actually is Total Internal Reflection because we can actually see the weird effect of seeing the inside edge of Carrie's glasses repeated. This was taken at the Sciffie gathering on the 4th.

Today my mom goes home from the hospital! Apparently the infection is largely beat, just some swelling and pain remains. So now it's time to stay the course and finish up the antibiotics (that's a pretty word to spell on the phone: 26842468427).

Unfortunately, I need to re-do week 3 day 1 because I couldn't complete it today. If I fail again Friday, I think I'll repeat week 2 at the next highest level before trying 3 again. I knew it would be a problem because my exhaustion test yesterday got me to the lowest qualifying score on the lowest level for this week. What can I say, I have no upper body strength to speak of. But that's the whole point of this exercise, right?

Edit: I have made the photo friends-only at Carrie's request. If you are my friend here on LJ, this will not affect your viewing. If you are not, you will get a broken image. Sorry.
Tags: family, workout blog
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