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"Like a graveyard...
... people dig me"
30th-Jun-2008 12:53 pm
I guess that's what I get when I try to take a shot while running to see Erin. Found on 31 and Broadway. There was a guy on the roof, but I had to make my light so I didn't stop right.

The nice thing about 2nd shift is that I can get up and do things like ironing, which I would never normally do before work.

Yesterday Erin said something awesome about aging while we were watching music videos: 'I can't wait till all this new crap is old shit.' I put it on Twitter immediately so I wouldn't forget it while we watched 'Paprika', which was awesome, by the way (especially in HD).

This weekend my mom will be swimming around Manhattan. What kinds of awesome things will you be doing?

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