Peter (xoder) wrote,

I think it's a rat

Found this in Secaucus Junction. But I'm pretty sure that it wasn't the reason that it smelled funny. (It always does.)

Erin & I are getting a couch from Will update later on actual quality. It looks like it will look & feel nice though. It and an A/C will make it much easier for us to hold gatherings all year round. Home Despot seems to have the best prices there.

Looks like one of the vacant lots near us is finally getting ready to be developed. When it is, I predict rising rents for the whole neighborhood.

Today is the second day of my new sleep alarm + melatonnin system. I'm not perfectly awake, but I'm much better off than I've been.

Oh, and work has rewarded some of the people on my project with July 3 off for all of the time we've put in. I'm one of those people. It's rather nice.

Tags: braindump, phone post, photos, transit
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