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"Like a graveyard...
... people dig me"
Light saber 
24th-Jun-2008 07:37 am
This is a silly photo Pat took of me several months ago. I'm a hardcore Sith Lord, or something.

Yesterday, my alarm didn't wake me, which I always take as a message that I'm too sick to go to work. Erin and I got a lot of work done, anyway. We renewed our lease, got her a new camera, and got some needed housewares. Oh, and did a ton of laundry. I also sorted through 3 boxes, filtering them down to 1.5. I've had a better record than that, but these boxes had newer stuff that I am more likely to need. Oh, I forgot, we also picked up the Mika DVD, which is excellent. I hope he comes back to NYC soon, so we can go see him.

Experiment: you should take a photo and send it to me. Either directly by MMS, or by emailing it to my full # (w/ the 1) @tmomail.net. If it's cool, I'll post it and talk about it.

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