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"Like a graveyard...
... people dig me"
Microwave horns 
19th-Jun-2008 06:10 am
Found on 53rd and 8th. Note the giant microwave horns on the top of the building. My guess, from my continued walk uptown, is that they provide data services to the Time-Warner Center, which have large, horizontally-oriented parabolic dishes. They, of course, point downtown and to the west, much like there horns point uptown and to the east.

Today is my run: 3.5 miles. Should be fun. I should do better than a 10-minute mile, as I consistently did those in the Catskills, and Central Park is considerably less hilly. But it will be much more crowded than any TKD race I've ran. Unfortunately, I forgot to in buy a cheap watch to keep my own time. I don't want to wear my nice stainless steel one, both because it is nice and because it is loose on my wrist.

See you at the finish line!

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