Peter (xoder) wrote,

... and I cannot lie

Found in a Borders bathroom. I've not obscured the phone number, so he you really think calling it is a good idea, you can. I hope this one comes out clearly - low light and mirror surfaces both suck separately, and they don't get any better together.

The past two days I've been trying (under gentle prodding) to file away the contents of some of my boxes & my books. The books were the easy part: just pick a scheme & stick to it. My desk and boxes, on the other hand, were hell, and for no good reason. I hate doing this kind of cleanup because I never can finish it in a reasonable amount of time & I always feel I end up undoing all my work when I put things away. It also impresses upon me my absolute inability to throw things out when I get them, or even properly file them. Take that w/ my extraordinarily low self-esteem of late and you have a cranky Peter cursing himself for keeping any of this shit. The state of my mind is likely not helped by the lack of sleep I got this weekend.

Tags: failure, graf, phone post, photos
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