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"Like a graveyard...
... people dig me"
Heat wave (with special guest) 
9th-Jun-2008 12:09 pm
Erin and I went to the MoCCA festival this weekend. We discovered that Erin has similar taste in comics about breasts as Ryan North (of Dinosaur Comics) and that I jabber like an idiot to Keith Knight (of The K Chronicles and others).

Israel took this photo because it takes a Professional to catch a blinking temperature. Thanks!

On Sunday, Nina came over to have Erin buzz her hair. This would have worked out better had Nina had a little less of it. See, Erin's blades were middling to begin with, and the massive head job ahead of them caused them to wilt shortly into the affair. So she got her hair yanked a little often. So we made up for it by playing Wii until the wee hours.

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