Peter (xoder) wrote,

Poly ad?

Found on the train, obviously. In this ad, we see a lady between two gentlemen. In case the resolution doesn't show it, her legs are crossed and shaven, while the other two are neither. 'Middle seat,' indeed.

Finally remembered to take a non-disposable bowl with me to work. So, good for the environment and my wallet, slightly annoying for me.

Today I'm working 2nd shift, which I almost forgot. I hope my bench partner did not forget. I found a really interesting bug the other day. It's those kind of things that make the weird hours almost worth it.

I've got to see what changes I will have to make for my new courses. My original plan to drop my current EE course and take 3 CyberSecurity ones, as per my supervisor's recommendations, cannot happen thanks to Stevens' rules. Best I can do is 2. I hope he's OK w/ that.

Also, has anyone else been in severe need of snuggles lately?

Tags: phone post, photos, school, transit
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