Peter (xoder) wrote,

On defacing trains -- or rather, behind the scenes of the posts

Another Locomotive Shit ? On Me. I can't quite read the T-word on my cell on the train. Maybe it will be clearer to y'all in Internet-land.

Did you know I can't see these photos at work? Work blocks ScrapBook's servers for being free hosting. Ridiculous! But that's what I get, even though I paid (once) for this hosting. Having the photos elsewhere is not really an option. I post these entries by writing them as a MMS and mailing them w/ a special subject to LJ's email gateway. They automatically take any image attachments and post them to my ScrapBook account and link them here. Bonus: click the photo to go to the image's page on ScrapBook. There you can get the full-size image, if you wish.

Tags: graf, meta, phone post, photos
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