Peter (xoder) wrote,

On readings

Found in 125 Street Station. No, I've not gone to the site.

I started reading 'The Portable Atheist', and I have to admit I feel very vulnerable when I do so on the train. I know it's not rational, but I recognise that atheists make up one of America's least favorite minorities. Don't believe me? There have been polls that showed that not only do a majority of Americans believe in angels, but an overwhelming majority believe that atheists are unfit to be president, or to teach.

Rational or not, I'm most worried that a casual aquaintance will think less of me for not needing or wanting a Supreme Being in my life. Frankly, I do not understand what triggers the Theistic Question in the first place. But back to my paranoia for a moment - see how ingrained the concept of 'atheism = moral failing' is? And this from a lifelong atheist.

Oh, and I want to talk about theodicy for a moment. Pope Guilty posted about it recently, and it turned out to be a word I'd been looking for. Out of space!

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