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Revenge, or something, I guess.

See, I'm not generally a vengeful person. I don't hold grudges easily, or much at all. I don't usually do things out of spite, which makes this photo, and the story behind it somewhat unusual.

One day at work, it was decided that we'd go to Stewart's for lunch. I remarked that I hoped they had their ginger beer there, as I was familiar with it and liked it. My coworkers had never heard of such a thing - Stewart's Root Beer, certainly - and commenced in mocking me. It only got worse when we got there, and not only did they not have, nor heard of ginger beer, they also had no ginger ale. The jokes continued for two weeks, until I was able to go to Fairway and take 2 4-packs into work, thus proving the drink's existance and pedigree. Oh, and scaring them with the intense ginger taste.

I had a nice relaxing practice today @ Howard's. I'm ready for a nice relaxing evening, followed by work in the morning.

I think tomorrow I will start reading 'The Portable Athiest.'

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