Peter (xoder) wrote,

The racket monster

This was taken Monday in the park of my roommates Cyrus and Charlene. Obviously as the two-headed racket monster. Contrary to popular belief, the racket monster does NOT eat children or small dogs. It subsists solely on a diet of shuttlecocks and love. So, please send your local racket monster some shuttlecocks and some love.

Today the radio tells me of a 45 to 60 minute delay for NJ Transit trains leaving Penn Station. That sounds like a long enough delay that it would not matter to me, as I'm only going one stop away. Here's to taking transit risks.

I'm hoping, that since I don't have any evening plans, I'll be able to remove one of my window guards and maybe install my a/c. If I don't get distracted or frustrated, that is.

Tags: phone post, photos, transit
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