Peter (xoder) wrote,

Delawanna post 6 of at least 5

Meth Orphans there be in the wilds of suburban New Jersey. I think I mentioned this piece when I first started posting graffiti from my station near work. You can clearly see that it's a modified Anarchy A, but aside from that, and the drug reference, there's not much depth there. Who knew the adolescent poetry I grabbed a few weeks ago would be the deepest stuff from this station?

And now about the one that got away this morning. In the park by my apartment, I saw a squirrel. This is not unusual - it's a park, after all - but that it had a jet black body and a soulless ginger tail was rather unusual. I tried to pull out my phone so I could show you, but I'm running late, and it scurried away before I could get the shot. I assure you, however, that it was both cute AND remarkable.

Tags: phone post, photos

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