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Candy and cookies

Last night, talking with Uncle David about the various snacks that were available. Whole bunches of cookies and chocolates. I joked, "It's almost like you knew we were coming." David corrected me, "It's more like Grandpa knew you were coming."

The butterscotch candies are still where they always were, on the living room table. The organ is still here, with Dies Irae on the top of the stack of sheet music. My parents and my uncles and aunt did not notice that, but I brought it to their attention. Grandpa loved classical music, so the goal is a "Classical Funeral" as my dad put it. He jokingly wonders how the Baptist relatives will like it, but whatever.

My dad turned on the Australian Open. Apparently some upsets going on over there. But he's not watching, just talking to everyone. I'll be joining them in a second.

My brothers and I stayed at a local Motel 6, which Nick discovered to be a "House of Ill Repute", so we're checking out. I was mostly bothered by the lack of Internet access, but I should be getting that shortly (also by grabbing my father's laptop).

OK. Brothers just showed up, I'll head back to family stuff.
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