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“So I had an interesting experience today. I saw sorry refraze(?) that I ordered one of my text books for my classes to be shipped straight to my work cause I know that's convenient. I ordered from Sahid(?) and I've never ordered from them before but they seemed reasonably reputable and I said that was being shipped by Media mail from California and I had lots of time so it was ok. This past Tuesday was the first class so I had missed the first week with the book but that was ok cause I was able to photocopy the problems from one of my colleagues which was really hectic but there but there was still a problem in I wonder when the books were gonna get here. I know it's Media Mail Media Mail is slow anyways but they said it was coming from Staber California so I'm like ___ be here until it was and I thought I got it today. Directly delivered to my office well it should be. With all a little interesting thing upon dropping it off the guy had to say huh it's from China and it was. It's it's the international edition for the text of the text book from China with a Chinese post mark and tons of chairman mile stamps on it. Not exactly the kind of package I wanna receive working as the French contractor a little weird. Ok bye.”

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