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Arisia namecheck Mk2

Last night I was still so destroyed from the con and travel that I forgot to mention all sorts of other stuff with Arisia!

Like running into pisicutsa several times, and getting her to sign my Naughty Nurses calendar (also featuring the lovely quem98, who I hope to also convince to mark up my calendar). ladyravn and jcholwa were both there, and although we did not get much chance to chill, it was all good.

In an utter surprise benjasattva showed up with some of his frat brothers in tow. Picked up one of his lovely new fancy State of New York business cards. He criticized me for not telling him I was heading out of state, but I think I had the upper hand, as he clearly fails to read.

All in all, a good time. Now it's back to teh werk. And possibly some tea.
Tags: con, travel, update
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