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Nueve punto cinco

Arisia was a total success, in my opinion! I had a ton of fun helping rosefox and sinboy in the Green Room with shoujo_mallet, glib_dichotomy, deyo (who I finally got to meet, and is clearly my West Coast Doppelganger as Rose suggested), and our various door pixies and random helpers. Greeting and running are my specialties. Strangely enough I did not go to any panels, but I really enjoyed both the Ziggaurat Labs and League of Extraordinary Skanks party. And I got to meet new people paper_crystals, rumpleteasah, that lady from one of the panels at last year's Lunacon, sunspiral (again), and many more.

So very, very bedtime. Erin's coming home tomorrow. I'll be missing her tonight.
Tags: con, travel
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