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Oh shit

We started bombing Afganistan.

Welcome to the birth of a thousand bin Ladin's. How many people will die in this conflict, leaving relatives or close friends behind to avenge their deaths? How many of these avengers will bide their time, wating untill they have the resources and influence to take us out again?
This is the beginning of a new kind of American life. One where terrorists will attack us, we respond, and then, a generation later, they do it again and worse.

But then again, what were we supposed to do? Take it lying down? Be a terrorist's punching bag? What did these people expect? We have to fight back now, or be taken as a weakling.

But... this will be a dirty war. Many civilians on both sides will die. This war also has no forseeable end. We will be attacked by terrorists now every few years, and respond each time. Both our and their attacks will get worse and worse. There is no nation for us to negotiate a peace with. There are too many people that will be harmed on both sides.

Lets hope someone comes to their senses before its too late.


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