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s00j music

I'm going to Williamsburg tonight to see the SJ Tucker play. The location & time is:
Wednesday November 07, 2007 — 8 or 8:30pm
SJ performs with Incus
Galapagos Art Space Front Room
70 N 6th St, Williamsburg
Brooklyn, NY
718 782 5188
with headliners Raquy and the Cavemen and The Messengers

Raquy is apparently "Booty-shaking world music", but as I'm not much into booty shaking, and I have werk tomorrow, I'll likely leave right after her show. You, however, have every option to stay.

Anyone wanna come?

I'll be in the Penn Station area ca. 6p looking for Dinner &c. before the show.
Tags: audience participation, girls, invite, music
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