Peter (xoder) wrote,

Voice Post

209K 1:12
“Hey, sorry I've been posting on lately. I just wanted to wish everybody a Happy Halloween and a Happy Saint Maureen to those who are observant(?). I have not been really busy lately with anything other than school and house work. That is really or literally all that I have been doing. I mean I go, I go to work, I do work there too but basically my time is taking up by school work, really not and then house work by majority. I miss doing Taikuando(?) on Monday because of our good friend, house work and waiting for some wok to be done in the apartment. So, that was nice. Also I ___ in meeting a person in my life to be cost lately. So, I decided to track the reading for a little while and ___ to get against. So, there you go. Have a good day everybody and I hope you all do something fun with the late evening. I think I'm gonna get back to my check home mid term and or sleep. Bye.”

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