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Post-mortem on a gathering!

I would like to thank the following for showing up to my birthday gathering this weekend (in no particular order): queenbast, her Gabe1, faboo, malaul, their son Liam, ellf, his Lauren, ladyravn, jcholewa, Alex, Kitri, shoujo_mallet, faery_kat, her Isaiah, Laura, last_soldier, stoneliongrowl, catmandux, Montgomery, Jeff, angst_pirate, and quem98. Also, special thanks to my sous-chefs stoneliongrowl, Alex, and Kitri. And an extra special one to the last two in that list for showing up early and helping with cooking and soda buying. And finally ultra thanks to shoujo_mallet for being her wonderful self and providing what I couldn't to the party: cleavage and beer.

I promised shoutouts and they have now been delivered! You'll also be tagged on Facebook when it picks this up as a note.

It appears all had a good time, which was the goal. There was cake, so I know I'd call it a successful party. I enjoyed cooking, and still felt that I could abandon the grill to make quick little social stops without getting overwhelmed by either side of the equation. The only thing I could have used more of would have been snuggles, but then again, that's always the case ;-).

Sunday was a little stressful with the removal and cleaning of things from my parents' house, but y'all were well-behaved, so nothing broken, nothing stained. Had various transportation horrors on the way home, and again from my place to the Ren Faire up at the Cloisters, tossing me straight into badmoodsville.

Now I am running on low sleep and have tons of leftovers in the fridge. Yum!

How was your weekend?

1 Normally I'd be against the possessive form here, but it's simpler, especially when I do not know people's LJ names. If it offends you, then ignore it ;-)
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