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Dorian Spencer == Awesome Music

You know you want to come to watch a Dorian Spencer concert! Especially since it's free1, and local (if you're NYC-based like me). He'll be playing this Saturday at 6p at Rockwood Music Hall [location] I was there last month, and it's a great venue. I've mentioned my love of his music before. If you haven't heard it yet, check out the first link in this entry for some, and check out his MySpace for the rest (no, I won't link to it [or to anywhere on that cesspool], but you can find it from his site).

The show starts pretty much on time, and the venue is very small. Aim to be there ca. 5:45p. We all can go out to dinner afterwards. It'll be lovely!

1 Entrance to the venue is free, however a one drink minimum (per show) is required. Drinks (incl. soda) start at $3.
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