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A dream that I dreamt last night

So, I'm here at RIT, everything is the same, except that... I have magic, and I'm some weird kind of knight, but no one knows because my sword is hidden (where, I dunno). And my sword hurts any evil witches who come too close to it. So, my RA is this girl, and I have the hots for her, so I try to make my moves on her. They clearly work, but when she comes in to kiss me... I hear this sizzling sound, and her face deforms slowly, the parts closest to me first, into your stereotypical witch face. It gets harder and harder for her to approach me, because of my sword. So, she backs off, and for some reason I trust her enough to put down the sword. We have "TV sex" (meaning the camera cuts away to the sword, clearly glowing at all the parts where it should be pissed). And I pick it up and leave. She tries to kiss me again, but backs off at the slightest hiss.

WTF does that mean?
scooby2273 thinks its a "typical male dream." But if its so typical, then why is it so unusual for me?
Any suggestions? You know you have them, so comment!!

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