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"Like a graveyard...
... people dig me"
Dreamlog: Getting picked up by my parents 
1st-Apr-2007 02:41 pm
Tao Antialiased
So I was getting out of a Tae Kwon Do trip, but for some reason I was in PA, in some weird cross of Hawley and Montreal, Canada. My parents came up to pick me up with both my brothers, but they were a little lost. So I rollerbladed out to where they were supposed to be, as they zoomed past me. They had to leave town to be able to get back to where I was before. I kept chasing, though, rolling past a black wolf that was clearly dead and leathered, more or less posted in front of a family's campsite (which was in the middle of town, for some reason). Eventually they called me and said they had figured out where they needed to be, so I should go there. So I 'bladed back, past the wolf again and down through an industrial loading area when I woke up.
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