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I haven't posted in what feels like years, but is less than a month...

... and it's not what I was composing in my head all this time, but rather an interesting anecdote:
I was walking through Penn Station tonight, as I often do, and I heard one of those official-ish music people playing something. I only heard about 10 seconds of his music before I glanced down and was intensely thankful that he had a box of CDs that he was selling. $10 out of me, and a few minutes to enter his data into the FreeDB and now I'm listening to some very nice alterna-folk-pop-rock stuff with a very talented Seal-esque vocalist/guitarist.

Oh, and I also ordered the MeFi Compilation CD, because, well, why not.

A musical day for me. The new music is doing wonders for the funk I've been in. Remember kids, consuming makes you feel better, so buy everything you can! I keed!
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