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Dresden Files Premiere

I greatly enjoyed the Dresden Files Premiere, and I especially enjoyed watching it with rosefox, sinboy, the ever-lovin' and ever-present shoujo_mallet, as well as the roommate Chris, Bonnie, her girlfriend Rachel, and last_soldier. Tasty snacks were available, so it didn't matter that I forgot to grab dinner.

I found that jimbutcher's world was accurately translated, and while I was initially taken aback at the negativity between Bob and Harry, it resolved itself into its usual playful banter. Some of the character changes were a little unsettling probably because most of the non-Harry characters didn't get enough screen time to "prove" themselves.

The episode was somewhat formulaic and predictable, and I find that Harry was too quick to form emotional ties (although this is normal for him from the books), and too slow to do magic. I think he did one spell in the entire episode, maybe. And it wasn't even his usual "evocative" game.

I'll still watch, but I'm expecting a bit more from the series as it progresses.

In addition, not the best "first" episode pick, very little exposition, so we're dropped into a very big and confusing world without a lot of bearings.

I know that the end of this "review" makes it sound like I didn't enjoy it, which is wrong (see first paragraphs). Rather, I think that it's a rather promising series, and I can't wait to see the possible heights, but unfortunately, it can easily go in the toilet from here, and I'd hate to see that.
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