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de tu madre

I've had a sore throat since Thursday. It's migrated to be a cough as of yesterday. You know those sore throats that hurt so bad your ear hurts? Yeah, like that. Been trying to have Vitamin C and honey. It's helping, along with the tea. Erin thinks I should see a doctor due to the difficulties I've been having swallowing. If this persists, I may just call in sick tomorrow and do as she suggests. On the other hand, it's a sore throat less than a week old, and so I'll likely just get sent away.

It's a bit later from when I started this entry and I feel a bit better, but the true test will be how I wake up tomorrow.

I've got an issue with the LJ: When I have interesting tales of derring-do, I've got no time to post, and when I feel like crap, I've got no time to post. Therefore, my post volume has been rather down lately. Sorry for the lack of updates.

Of late I've been subject to nice big losses of what self-confidence I've had. Erin is way too kind to me for putting up with such shite. Being sick does not help me feel competent, attractive, strong, intelligent, &c.

Oh, "English" pancakes suck: too squishy of batter (thanks heavy cream) makes it hard to tell when they're done and easy to rip unless they're slightly burnt.

And I wrote that all Sunday and oughta post it.
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