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Dreamlog: Burglaries in Harlem

Erin and I were living in Harlem still, although it looked a lot like the area just south of the Brooklyn Bridge on the Brooklyn side. We went to a concert with my parents and brothers, at the end of which the little bar was opened up to look like an old school gym. I wondered about why there are so many old, unused school buildings if we're perpetually over capaacity. There was someone there teaching us a dance move. I went up along with four other people, one of them was Mike (the headmaster fo my TKD school). I got the move right on the first try.

Fast forward a little bit.

Now I'm helping a family that's being harassed by a local magnate trying to convince them to do things they don't want to do [I blame this part on the fact that I've been reading Ben Bova's Rock Rats lately], like sell off or something. The situation has deteriorated to the point where a burglar has come into their store every night, even though the family has been sleeping in the store. I join them one night. The burglar is a big guy. The family sleeps toward the front of the store, so the time the bad guy's toward the back, I get up from fake sleeping and tell him that he oughta go. He pulls out a knife (that looks a lot like my roommate Chris' knife) and says, "Don't you know that you shouldn't disturb burglars, or they might hurt you?" I say that I didn't know that, and that I'd better tell my friend that. I raise my voice and shout at the other person there who was going to help me protect the family, "Did you know that you aren't supposed to disturb buglars." When he gets up, I move toward the front of the store and repeat my question to wake the rest of the family.

Suddenly he's close to me. He realizes he can't kill us all, and that he can't steal any more, and that we're between him and the exit. [Then I have one of those weird rewind/redo bits again where I'm working on the specific techniques that would help me and disable the burglar.]

End dream.
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