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To the music-oriented peoples!

So I have two clips that exemplify two elements I really enjoy in music, and they're both from the same song ("Take it Back" by the Barenaked Ladies on their new album Barenaked Ladies are Me). I wish to know what the names of the following elements are, assuming they have them!

First, what is the piano doing in this clip? [162KiB Ogg Vorbis Quality=0]
And second, what is it called when the vocals tell you what the music's about to do? [92KiB Ogg Vorbis Quality=0]

Do not fret if you do not know the answer. If you don't have it, I'll end up going to lj_genie and/or Ask Metafilter.

All clips © and (P) 2006 Desperation Records. All rights are still reserved to them. The above files are clips, reduced in quality, and for non-profit educational purposes under the Fair Use doctrine (which hopefully applies to Canada, where Desperation Records and BNL are based).
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