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How to click using PuTTY and GNU Screen 
11th-Oct-2006 12:00 pm
Put in your .screenrc file the following line:
termcap linux XT:true
Which tells screen that any terminal identifying itself as "linux" (which is the default setting for PuTTY) has XTerm capabilities. If your system uses terminfo instead of termcap, you can use the "terminfo" command instead. Or even better, you (and probably I [actually, that's what I'm doing now]) could use "termcapinfo" which covers all your bases so you may best move your zig.
11th-Oct-2006 07:06 pm (UTC)
Thanks for that. I had just assumed that it was impossible to do that through cygwin+ssh+screen, but my assumption has been proven wrong. Now if I could just work out running X apps from inside these sessions, with the wishful thinking that it might work seamlessly with the whole detaching and reattaching jumbo.
15th-Oct-2007 01:13 pm (UTC)
You have to set the DISPLAY variable correctly. Check what it is before you re-enter the screen environment, and have the first thing you do once you get in is to export DISPLAY=whatever

Or at least that's how it should work in theory...
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