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Water and whisky, barkeep. On the rocks and hold the whisky.

I've calculated that, of my hour and fifteen minute commute to work (door-to-door), I spend about 30 minutes on moving trains, 20 minutes walking, and the rest (25 min) waiting. The return trip is a different story as I'm less-aligned to the schedule then.

I've been getting back into running and Forms in the morning. Today is my second consecutive day back. It feels good. I've added Basics to increase the workout time without bothering to lay down a new running route or (gods forbid) run a lap of something. I'm also thinking I should start changing up the form order, because you never know how things might go at the test in November. In addition, I've been feeling less crisp than I was this summer, so I should get back into this. And I am, so that's good.

On a completely different note: I'm using PuTTY and links to browse some websites. If I don't use screen, links has no problem getting my clicks. If I do, links has no idea I clicked a link. Obviously I've failed to set something, and I think I've set it correctly in the past, but I don't remember what I did, and Google is little help ("putty" "screen" and "click" are a dime a dozen). Bonus points if it only requires detaching the screen, reconfiguring something, and reattaching it, rather than ending the session. Double bonus points if it can be set and saved during runtime. Triple bonus points if you do it for me with your mind powers.
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