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Last Day

So machines have been hating me recently.

Last night I went to the laundromat with shoujo_mallet, and what happens, but the card machine eats my $10 bill. And I'd have to go there during the day to get my money back. You know, when I have work. Luckily, the attendant there will try to remember Erin (as "Red") when the latter goes back this weekend (while I'm away).

This morning I wake up to take a piss, flush the toilet and the chain comes undone from the lever. This has happened before and is easy to fix — with the light on. So I turn on the light, and BAM, blue flash and the bulb is blown. I try to wake up Erin to get her to tell me where the lightbulbs are. She tells me two places but they aren't there (that I can see). In the interests of getting out of the house on time, I get to eating breakfast and then bother her again. She looks and cannot find them. charleniehead wakes up and wants to use the bathroom, but can't because Erin's in one and the other is broken. I ask her if she's seen the lightbulbs. She has, and I find them. I put the bulb in, fix the toilet and get dressed.

It's my last day at Cneebg today (ROT-13-ed for Google protection). That's good. Immediately after work I'm heading up to the Summer Black Belt Trip.

Then I have my week off.

Then I start at VGG. I'll be in the N/PQ working on modelling digital radio algorithms. Actual Engineering work. I'm excited and nervous. It will be my first real engineering job. Can I actually engineer? The closest thing I did to engineering a device was my Miniscale Energy Generation senior design project.

Oh, and today I started Numbers Don't Lie by Terry Bisson. Which, now that I've started reading it, I realize I've read before. Which is funny because just about a month ago I thought I had discovered Terry Bisson for the first time, but I think I read this in like Jr. High or HS. Edit: I have found out why I know it. The first piece of the book is also published as "The Hole in the Hole" — a short story published in 1994. When I checked the copyright page I was very confused as to how I could remember reading a book from 2005 in HS.
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