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Walking up the Kosciuszko Bridge

So I'm walking up the Kosciuszko Bridge from the Brooklyn side, (isn't ths the second time I've dreampt of walking up this bridge?) and I'm pushing a cart up. The hardest part is not the weight of the cart, but rather the steepness of the incline (its much worse than in real lfe), and the fact that I'm deathly afraid of the height (which I'm not in real life). The whole field is tilting and tipping (thanks to vertigo), but someone from RIT (I think) is encouraging me to make it to the top. Just before I hit the top, it becomes too vertical to continue, but my cheerleader person is encouraging me and with a final burst of effort I get the cart up to the flat top of the bridge. I let go of the cart (because its flat) and I walk over to the edge of the bridge and look down. I get a spinning feeling and the dream ends.
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