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So I ran 1.2 miles today. Its a pleasant enough route, but I do think I need to find a way to a) lengthen it and b) find out whether I can run through City College. I did my forms as well. Had a slow start getting out the door, so while strict counting says I did it in 21 min (+/-1 min as usual), but I feel it may have been 20. Not bad for getting started late and not having run in over a week. Also I had to go down (and then up) two flights of stairs to get to where I did my forms.

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The move was interesting. It's still not really all that done, of course, but my room is mostly taken care of. I need to do some more work on Erin's (hanging blinds and helping hang her door (long story involving side kicks)), though. I want to clean my room's floor, but there are currently too many cables running around it (internet to Erin and Paul, power for fans) and other such mess. Too messy to clean? I guess.

Gotta go to lunch.
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