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So I know I haven't posted since I moved, but I'm not going to post about it yet.

HOPE is fun. Thus far I've:
  • Listened to talks on:
    • "Hacking the Palate" (food)
    • Hacking Sex
      • although I'd heard all the stuff before via my own studies as well as TES
    • Tor
      • although I feel I helped to give this talk instead
    • Community radio
    • Wireless security and link maintainance
    • The current political situation, and how the gov't should spend more money on "Open Source Security"
  • Met MC Frontalot (yet again) and promised him that I'd be at his show tonight. You should come too!
    • 9 pm at Club Midway at 25 Avenue B.
  • Messed with the dumb terminals that someone brought over. Did not manage to get more than one working (and that one worked because it had a ROM chip that the others didn't)
    • They were messed up because the ROM images supplied (for PXE boot) were corrupt. But one of them could boot into X, and I was one of the few people borking on it that knew how to xforward.
  • Bought 3 T-shirts
    • The HOPE 6 shirt
    • An MC Frontalot Nerdcore Rising Tour shirt
    • A babydoll tee that says "The Internet is a Series of Tubes" with an illustration of a uterus (including ovaries and fallopian tubes).
      • Needless to say, that last one's for Erin
  • QSO'ed with the special event call sign N6H. I'm going to try to ping them from here when I'm done with my shower.
  • Ran into a couple I met at the Pride Parade
Any questions? Ask.
Tags: computer, politics, poly
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