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So, there are these things with springs and dials...

Yesterday I had to get up early to get to work for an early conference call (that was a half-hour late). Nick needed the shower, so I went to my parents' bathroom to shower. That's where I found out I was a little over 235lbs. I think that's quite a bit overweight (not obese, of course) for someone who is 6' 5". This was the final push to get me running again (I'd been thinking about it, even saying things about it, but it wasn't happening.)

Today I ran to Veranda Park and around it which was a little short of ¾ miles.
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Then I did all of my forms and ran back. This all took about 20 minutes. I plan to start doing this every weekday except Thursdays because on Thursdays I need to get in early for the conference call.

I used to run much further when I did my running, but only did it 2-3 times per week. I feel that shorter runs, more often, will help build my endurance more, which is really handy for the upcoming TKD in the mountains as well as my general life.

Don't tell anyone but this post was devoid of useless meme drivel, driving the suck content of this LJ down slightly.
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