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"Like a graveyard...
... people dig me"
Cloud of interests for xoder 1000 blank white cards 1kbwc… 
29th-Mar-2006 09:22 am
Tao Antialiased

Cloud of interests for xoderxoder

1000 blank white cards 1kbwc 2 3 5 23 42 andrew kerr anime arthur c clarke back to the future bare naked ladies barenaked ladies being a loser bluetooth books bronx science brooklyn bundling chocolate clouds college cuddling data whoring discordianism divx douglas adams downpours duct tape dvd dvds e.e. cummings ee egad electrical engineering eris etymology firefox four rooms free people free software free thought friends with benefits fucking myself over fucking with the norms gatekeepers gdt girls giving brain fucks go fuck yourself gracies dinnertime theatre harry potter heinlein hell's kitchen honesty hugs human nature j j=sqrt(-1) kevin smith movies larp learning more about you lifeguarding linkin park linux livejournal love loving everybody lunacon metafiction mostly harmless mozilla mp3 mp3s mpeg music naps nyc ogg ogg vorbis oss poit pokey the penguin polyamory procrastination purity test questions r.o.d. the tv read or die reading recieving brain fucks red faction rent rit rock role playing role-playing rollerblading sci-fi science fiction secular humanism sex sf&f shel silverstein sinfest sleep sleeping snuggling something positive sqrt(-1) storytelling sugar swimming tae kwon do tao terry brooks the illuminatus! trilogy tkd trillian trinity troz vim walking in the woods white wolf wikipedia wmaa women xiao xiao xml feeds xoder you zort

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Created by lazy_nekolazy_neko
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