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"Like a graveyard...
... people dig me"
25th-Mar-2006 03:32 pm
So I read about this idea from a strange little group that I randomly found through a rather roundabout series of connections. The point is, I'm going to try this as an extension to the list of five positive things.

Five good things from the past week:
  1. There were some downtimes in work this week, so I was able to get some email done.
  2. I got to see shoujo_mallet for lunch a lot more than usual.
  3. I got to see s00j play music...
  4. ... at rosefox and sinboy's place.
  5. I figured out how I've been front-kicking wrong for the past 11 years, which will likely save much wear and tear on my back.
Three things I found challenging:
  1. I swear that this week the callers were really, really dumb.
  2. I got stuck on more 10+ minute long calls than ever (although Delwin got longer calls, I had more long ones).
  3. My back is still not better.
Three things I'm looking forward to next week:
  1. Date with rosefox
  2. End of March (ergo, payday!)
  3. Maybe getting up the gumption to talk to my boss about what's coming up for me
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