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"We live in Different Words, right along beside one another."

So I've been wanting to get a real update down. None of this meme shit. None of this news post shit. No MLPs either. But I've also been waiting for some kind of cohesive post to gather itself in my brain before writing. Everytime I think of something, it just gets cluttered up with the rest of the stuff in my head.

Here are some stories from recent happenings.

When I was in Detroit with the three French guys I felt all four of us were stuck in an alien environment. Them in Suburban US. Me in Suburban US. Granted, at least I spoke English fluently. (Which was interesting, because while all three of them certainly outrank me within the company, I was considered the "go-to" guy by all our contacts at the company that kindly hosted us there. Probably because I was being assertive to accelerate communication, as some of their English was kind of weak. For instance, I had to teach them the meaning of "Call it a day" in more ways than one [they are apparently used to working from 9 to 7-7:30].) We had to walk most places we wanted to go, which limited us extremely in terms of lunch food. And let me tell you, a pedestrian is not a second-class citizen in suburbia, but rather a four-hundred-sixty-seven million three-hundred-twenty-three thousand seven-hundred-ninetieth-class citizens.

The guys were considering driving out to Kansas City for the second leg of this mission instead of flying. How often do they, as Europeans, get to drive SUVs and pay less than $5/gal for gas? Apparently there aren't any SUVs in Europe.

To a lot of their questions I answered "Depends on the state you're in." Questions about smoking or handsfree car kits. They commented that I answered that way a lot. (I've noticed I have trouble giving definitive answers when they don't exist.) I tried to explain the vagaries of a federal governmental system. And Separation of Powers. I was kind of shocked to hear that there's one law for all of France. I asked if they had something like we have in terms of states, and they replied no, after all, France itself is about the same size as many of our states.

Last Friday I taught Howard's class because he had the Flu. I thought I was doing OK, but apparently I forgot two of the basics and still couldn't remember the second brown belt form's name (Pal Sek). And Nick complained of my pacing. After all, the class took about 35 minutes instead of the normal 50+. It made me really hesitant to go to class this week. I made such a horrible impression that the guys asked me if this was the first time I taught. Nevermind that I taught at the Beach Club and at RIT. I still went. The class seemed empty. And when Howard arrived, he had me start the running, which made me a little hesitant.

Lately I've been sporadically working on writing down what I see as the cadance of my Tae Kwon Do forms. I'm using a free Wiki provider because I'm comfortable writing in Wiki format, and it makes creating pages dumb simple. Its publically readable but only I can edit it. I've shown it to a few people, but I feel that I'm failing my own vision of how it was supposed to go.

Actually, lately I've been rather disappointed in myself. I just feel like I've been failing to perform up to snuff in anything. I've been feeling a lack of basic competancy in everything from video games to standing (did you know that your shoulders are supposed to be directly over your hips, even if such a position severely hurts your neck?). I probably should just go out for a while. That tends to cheer me up. Too much time indoors messes with my head. Like yesterday, going to work in just my new Frontalot T-shirt and feeling the cool breeze on my bare arms felt amazing.

I guess I should consider having lunch soon and getting a shower and then meeting up with shoujo_mallet for wandering purposes.
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