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I got no one to talk to. No one who is genuinely interested, anyways.

I wish I had something to do.

Just sitting around building up adipose tissue.

I will let it be known that I am doing stupid things that I know I should break off from. Don't worry, its not drugs or alchohol. Its just a half-baked idea that I haven't let go of yet. It makes me do stupid things. I should let it go. I should let it wash over me as the taoists say. But, I can't seem to get it dealt with. I keep going back, hoping this half-baked idea will bloom into a wonderful thing. I know, in my heart of hearts, that it won't, but the wonderful thing is so tempting, so, well, wonderful, that I can't resist. I need to clear myself from the source of the idea for awhile till it goes away, but I can't stand to let that happen.

I feel that there is something I've forgotten to mention. Not really. I just need time to deal with this. I also need sleep, but I probably won't do that, either. Ahh well.

until next time, be well and be fun,

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