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Ummm, WTF did I write?

orangecream: there are many drunk people in the common room of my suite
orangecream: about every 2 minutes I hear a thud

Carrie's (orangecream) funny.
I've been getting rather close to her lately. Thats cool, especially since I didn't get to know her so well way back at BxSci. We're on the same page on so many things. I'm really surprised that it took a distance of 200 miles for us to connect. Things end up weird like that sometimes, I guess.


Okay, random outburst complete.
Just two more weeks of classes. I can do this. I can maintain and succeed.

Group Process Day
I think it went well.
But what do I know?
Which annoying facet of my personality presented itself today? Which good part? How will the interview go Thursday?

Hmm.. Thursday.
February 14.
This is the first time since I started having "special someones" that I didn't have one on Valentine's day. It'll be different. I'll probably realize how sappy our culture is about romance and love. Thursday, with any luck, will be the one day of the year where we silence the torrent of "SEX SEX SEX" in the media and quietly, optimistically chant "love love love".
Ah, who am I kidding? Americans like sex. Americans think exclusively of sex. I should know, I'm about eight of them.

I got Bill to try Trillian. Another new user? MUAHAHAAHAHA!

I guess its time to stop the diarrhea of the fingers?


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