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Weezer is Coming!

So, yah, like the rest of Baker, I'm going to the Weezer concert tonite. Should be fun! Or at the worst, deafening. Anyways, its a really good reason to get off-campus.
Anyways, its something to do. And since there's no FYE tomorrow, I can sleep in. Or even miss physics class. Nah, I'll probably go, but its nice to know that there's only one class tomorrow.

Anyways, I've been informed to keep a positive outlook, so I'll try that.

Oh, and by the way, why does everyone use Outlook if they know it spreads viruses? Imagine if the same situation existed for condoms. Eeeww.
Use something with the Mozilla engine, like Netscape and thats one less vector.
It just makes me sad that everyone uses Outlook, and there are all these viruses going around for it.

Anyways, so I'm sitting the the Stat lab again. I just discovered fullscreen mode for the WinVNC viewer. So now there's nearly NO evidence that this computer is not mine. Except for the lag time. And the standard cursors. And that weird square thing that the cursor tries to follow. And the non-blinkiness of the text cursor. But otherwise, it looks like I've severely fucked with the stat lab's machine.
The other day I was in the pentium lab and someone asked if I had installed half-life on the machine. It's so much fun!

I've now moved back the /geekiness tag once. I hope I don't have to do it again...

I want this quarter to be over already. I don't think I can stand waiting much longer for


. Oh yah, and sleeping would be good.

Group process day is Saturday. I really want this job. I think I could do at least 3/4 as good a job as Anthony, which is more than twice the job a lot of other RA's do. Anyways, here's to hoping!

Eventually/soon I willl have physics class to get to. I'm starting to feel a bit sleepy, but thats probably due to the boredom thats rushing through my veins more than anything else. My body is preparing itself for physics.

You know something? Everywhere there is carpet in this school, there's weird colors in it. Its always speckled. Why did they avoid solid colors? Is it because the outsides of the buildings are all the same color?
Just a thought

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