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Welcome to America. We speak English here. We also write it.

Just because you are on the Internet, this does not give you license to make the language a real hassle to read. Yes, it is a tricky language. But I'm not expecting you to have subclauses and other wacky shit—I have enough trouble writing that kind of stuff myself. I am, however expecting you to use the proper anteceedants with you pronouns. "It doesn't work," is extremely unacceptable without a description of what "it" is as well as what you have done to make you think it will work. Using what you think are specific technical words incorrectly will only make me wish for the ability to stab you through the internet. And, if you are having any trouble spelling the name of this company, remember that while this is a French company, its name is an English word for a tropical bird, and does not end in two "t"s.

Being behind on my email only gets worse when I have people talking about the, "parrott not activating when i try it," without telling me what they mean.

Fuckers, every last one of them.
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