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1) Have you ever dated aris_journey? nope
2) Is faboo in a relationship? hell, he's getting *married*
3) Does tenthz go to your school? when we both went to RIT, yes
4) Has malaul dyed their hair? that's an understatement
5) What exotic animal would summerific like as a pet? perhaps a lamb, or an emu
6) What word best describes smidget? nature-oriented (I can have my hyphens, no?)
7) Where was earfatigue born? I have no clue (and I'm not clicking to cheat)
8) Does vacindak have a dog? I don't think so
9) How tall is mughi? Almost as tall as me
10) Do belcantin and xxv go to the same school? They are both RIT folk. As am I
11) Is doomkitty related to you? No. That would be icky.
12) What is last_soldier's shoe size? Dunno, but the last boots I saw her in were damn sexy
13) What would shoujo_mallet give mithrigil for his/her birthday? If one knew the other? Maybe dice with naked people?
14) Would you set up riot_siren and aris_journey? Probably not. Julia's straight. Sorry Shaina.
15) Does silvershura have a crush on the_gil_monster? I strongly doubt it. On the other hand, Gil is quite the sexy man
16) If farkleberrie and benjasattva were spliced together, what would be its name? I don't know, but I'm sure it would involve "kallos"
17) Do you have a crush on mountainheather? Nope.
18) What is mughi's favorite band/artist? I have no idea
19) What animal does caelestis25 remind you of? maybe a koalla?
20) Is naughtyelfling dead sexy? Of course. Good thing she's alive sexy too.
21) Where did you first meet faboo? On floor. Probably in Ed's room
22) Has pinkaliciousgrl been to your house/dorm? Nope
23) What color should sinboy dye their hair? Whatever color he wants
24) What would subjektivity think of erebusrat? Carlos would probably dig Ratboy's photography
25) What is subjektivity allergic to? I have no idea. Intolerance?
26) What comic book character would calieber be? Word Man. He writes crime out!
27) How long have you known creatrixx? I don't really know her all that well. I know I made a horrendous first impression, which I hope she forgives me for someday.
28) Is silvershura friends with strentax? Not that I'm aware of
29) Is ravenstar a nerd? Likely so. She went to RIT, after all.
30) Is calieber your best friend? Nope. I barely know him, actually. Met him through Wikipedia, I believe. By the way, I just made {{User NYC}}
31) Do you think mithrigil is hot? Yes. Oh. Yes. Where are those pictures of her in the chainmail bikini again?
32) What languages does erebusrat speak? English. Maybe others. Who knows/cares?
33) When did you last call omegatemplar? Never. We've not had a very telephonic relationship.
34) Would you wrestle allilicious in jello? Only lime green.
35) What is mfisher's favorite food? I have no idea.
36) Where would cyruska most like to visit? A really good pizza place, maybe?
37) Could you see rathnokan and summerific together? Gods no!
38) How long would last_soldier dating stoneliongrowl last? The real question, to my mind, is who would pin who first.
39) Are codepoet and empshockwave married? No.
40) What is rosefox's biggest flaw? That we don't talk enough.
41) Is homais single? Presumably, but I only say that because I have no idea, and I don't recall him mentioning a boy in his life lately.
42) Does silvershura do drugs? I strongly doubt it.
43) Is mfisher a high school student? He was. A long time ago.
44) How would msanborn kill comadrug235? Sex.
45) Does xxv smoke? No.
46) Which president would queenbast be likely to idolize? Carter? Maybe FDR.
47) Where was maxskunk born? Western NY, I believe.
48) If alexatrit were hanging off a cliff, what would ricewrites do? Try to help. Wouldn't you?
49) What rank would mountainheather have in a giant robot army? Kernel
50) What is electricpaladin's favorite movie? No idea. We should watch it though.
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