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So very very tired

But I have to push forward. I have to finish today. I've done some prelab work remotely. I'll get my shower when I get back to the room after physics and lunch, and then I'll finish the prelab. Then I can take a nap, and work on Distorter. There are so many things I want to do for that issue, but I don't know if i can do them all. But I have time. My other assignments are relatively light, once I'm done with the DS. All I've got from Reporter is WOTS, and that I can't do until I find the photographer, whoever that is. Some reading for Vikings is due Wednesday, but its reading, so its not really work. Course paper for that is due soon, though.... I've never done such a thing, I hope I do well.
Oh yeah, Weezer just came on to remind me that I'm going to that Weezer concert on Thursday. Good thing we don't have FYE this week!

I'm gonna go rest my eyes on the table outside my physics room...

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