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Sorry I didn't write earlier, its been a long day. I got to bed around 3:30 this morning from the party. Woke up late and did the wrong homework for FYE.
Brittany went completely ballistic last night! It was great! She was babbling incoherantly about how much she loved all of us for getting stuff together. She had NO IDEA. It was hilarious. You want ALL the details? b55b55 or codepoet.

Chem test score not in yet. Avg score 73, tho... not good. Calc score not in yet because I was too lazy to go back to bldg 8 to check it.

I had to email off a replacement to the lost assignment for FYE during my classes break in the afternoon, so all I had for lunch was two pop tarts. Ahh well.


A real weekend finally. I've really been working two weeks streight thanx to the LEAD retreat last weekend.

No Red Faction at all today... it seems that when John doesn't want to play, no one ever does.

talk to y'all later

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