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Dreams logged (swimming in the city, school investigations)

So, I'm exploring the basement of some largely abandoned building. I find a giant pool, with incredibly clear blue water. Well-lit, even though the rest of the place is not. I jump in, and it's cold, but fresh. As I move between the pillars, I find that it is warmer towards the far end, where there seems to be pumps going through. I stop paying attention for a moment (maybe a fast-forward) and the place becomes a park. There's a small handful of people here, including my mom, just enjoying the water. There's a girl with long, poofy black hair (slightly Indian, maybe?) who I befriend. She's from Long Island, and wants to hang out later today. I say sure, and we start setting things up, when I realize that I already said I was going to spend the day with shoujo_mallet, so I have to beg off. Last thing I remember is walking away from the place on a very overly landscaped park-like place.

This other dream opens with a cinematic-style pan down. Starts at blue sky and pans down to this single-story school, continues panning down to the cracked brown earth (which I associated immediately with Arizona), and then down to (of all people) Cedric the Entertainer, his face looking much like the earth.
He sneaks into the school and gets a glass of water or three, finds something supicious (or at least I assume so, as there has to be a reason for the rest of the stuff I do in this dream, even though I don't know what he saw) and leaves.
In order for us (myself and my never-seen partner (no, I don't think it's Cedric)) to set things right, we need to take over the school, and before we can do that, we need certain things. As I write this, I don't know what we got first, but it was an entirely sucessful operation. Then we needed to get the FAP—The Facial Recognition (Access?) Program (Profile?). I lead two kids down into the catacombs under the school (I was able to get away by sending some kids into the pool when they weren't supposed to be, causing a distraction which let me and my chosen pair get to where the FAP was kept. I download it onto a magstripe card (sure, can't you fit a major image processing program into 30k?), and then we are trapped in a small (4' x 4'?) room made of light tan stone and with two doors. There's a bank of buttons each with fine black text written in the "Choose Your Own Adventure"-style. The buttons light up when pressed. But there's a buzz with all the buttons as I run down, and their light turns off, while the one on the bottom stays lit until I release the button I pressed.
Finally I press the persistant button on the bottom, which reads something like "JD lead you here", and the other stone door slides open. We rush out into a verdant mid-atlantic forest. Somehow I'm in contact with my partner (who is not visible at this time), who says something about knowing where to go as he's from Maryland, and that's the end of the dream.
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