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Updates of various varieties

Nick has just started assisting Howard with two of his classes at afterschool programs around the city. This is good for him, both as a black belt, and financially.

My reptillian brain is largely the reason I'm going to be a little late to work this morning. No, not that, just that I've been missing Erin, which, academically, I realize is a little silly as we saw each other a ton on Monday.

I have to house-sit at my parents' house this weekend, so no going out for me. Nick can go out, however, but he needs to be home by 10.

This past weekend I went up to Gilboa for the Black Belt Summer Trip. It was nice to be back in the mountains again. And we went up to the Headmaster's new land in the Adirondacks(sp?). It's got a lake, so naturally I went swimming. Nick and I piloted a kyack, which is always fun.

I'm on the train right now, and I no longer blame my reptillian brain for my lateness, but rather the MTA. Ah well, shit happens. But the PDA work phone is keeping me company, allowing me to write this lovely little entry, which is probably the longest I've written in months (not counting memes). Hell, it's probably the first non-meme entry I've written in months.

Question Of The Day: Why are girls and women so damn pretty? I've noticed that NYC is full of beautiful women
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